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The engine room to any digital presence is having a website that projects, who you are as a business, entices, informs and convinces customers to want to be part of your journey. At Early Bird Thinking, we realise that having it just look “pretty” won’t deliver the results your business needs. We are here to help you win customers.


You have the look, the functionality, the strategy, but it all means very little without the quality content to support it. We realise at Early Bird that you need great content; that includes copy, photography, video or maybe even a podcast. We specialise in making great things happen, and we are here to support you in the right solution for your business.


Marketing has changed immensely in the last few years. The market is crowded and it makes it difficult to find the right place to put your limited resources can be daunting. Our team at Early Bird Thinking are experts in this space. We will help you build a Marketing Strategy to get you the best return on investment to boost your business.


Having a strategy around how you approach the digital landscape will mean no misspent dollars or missed opportunities. It is not just important to have a plan, you need to have a good plan. At Early Bird Thinking, we have years of experience to help you formulate a strategy to help you achieve your goals. Allow us to help you connect those dots in what can be a digital maze at times.


We have seasoned professionals and budding young creatives to tackle any problem you might send their way. Our capabilities include but are not limited to branding, graphic design, photography, video production and copywriting. We are able to creative solution that suits your business and is focussed on giving you a better ROI.


Enormous amounts of time, energy and resources have been invested into your technology for your business. You have the right digital solutions in place. Unfortunately, it will all be for nothing if your team does not buy into the technology. At Early Bird Thinking, we want your projects to be galloping success. That is why we have created our Digital Alignment programme, to work alongside your team and address any concerns they might have and help craft solutions to negate any teething issues there might be.


So you have plugged all those technology holes, and yet, you are less productive than ever. Or there are just so many systems to update now you are spending 80% of your time doing that. When what you should be doing is working on your business. Don’t panic! We are here to help. We can audit the systems you have and work with you to either streamline or replace them with something that will work for you, your staff and most importantly for your business.


Digital Marketing has changed immensely since its inception in the 2000s. There are now countless channels and options available, and finding the right place to put your limited resources can be daunting. Our team at Early Bird Thinking are experts in this space, and we will try to stretch your dollar as far as possible to get you the best return on investment to boost your business.


SEO, you have heard the term many times we are sure. Sadly it is often the case that there is a lot of fan fair and cost but very little results. We want to be honest with you, SEO takes time it is not a overnight solution and it is by no means a silver bullet, but it should form part of your overall digital strategy. We have options available to suit your business and we will be honest with you about what your expectations should be. Our speciality is White Hat SEO, this means we are only interested building your online reputation through relevant and recognised sources. It is harder work in the short term but will leave your brand in a much better state in the long term. Contact us today and lets talk about how we can help you.