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Your website could be costing you money.

First impressions count, your website will regularly be the first impression your business makes on a potential customer. Think about what your expectations are when going on to a new website for the first time. If your website is slow, poorly designed, confusing or the information you need is hard to find, you are likely to go to a competitor’s website.

The thought of redeveloping your website or starting a new project can be daunting. There is so much technical jargon alone that the whole option of starting can just seem like too much effort. Unfortunately, remaining in your current status quo could be adversely affecting your bottom line.

You want a website that looks good and delivers results. We want you to have a fantastic experience so you can brag about how awesome we are to your friends at the next bbq. We build websites with people in mind, and the very first person we think about is you and how to make our process as transparent as possible for you.

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How to choose a
web development partner.

Chances are you are not up to speed with the latest technology trends or jargon out there. And why would you be? You are out there running a business and trying to grow bigger. So how do you choose someone to be your web development partner without being entrenched in technology?

Make sure they care

Understanding your business and asking the right questions is key to any successful Web Development project. A company that asks genuine questions and takes a genuine interest in how your business operates internally and externally will have far better results. The question should always be, is it fit for purpose? If your partner operates from that core, your experience should be great.

Processes are important

We are all pressed for time; there is just never enough of it. That is why project management that is transparent and up to date makes for a much better client experience. The aim should always be to keep the project moving forward.

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for the hunt

The right tech ecosystem
is important

Your business is unique, and your technology solution should be too. Depending on the platform used, there will be pros and cons to what the platform is capable of. Your provider should always help you choose the platform most suited to your needs.

We want your project

to take flight

Why digital projects
often fail

You would expect that most digital projects are a success. Truthfully, less than 60% of projects turn out to be a success. We want yours to be a success. Not only that, we want it to be exceptional. But before we can do that, let us talk about why projects fail so often.

Lack of a strategy

There is a tendency for companies to silo their new digital projects. Often it is driven by one part of the business and removed from the overall digital strategy for the business. There need to be clearly defined goals of how your new project ties in and contributes to helping your business succeed.

Inability to pivot

Setting out with a solid plan is important, but remember to leave room for change. With any digital project, your customer will let you know what works for them and what doesn’t. You might have the best intentions, but it simply could not translate well into action. You should be able to pivot and adapt to the needs of your customer mid-project. So remember to be like a gymnast, strong, well-rehearsed but always flexible.

Be like a gymnast,
strong, well-rehearsed but always flexible.

Pushing the boat out too far

We all have ambitions, and we certainly need to be ambitious with our digital needs. However, if we try and build the spaceship before we have a stable engine to drive it, we might find ourselves in trouble. Often on large projects, the entire project is completed before it’s ever released to the end-user. Considering how defining flexibility can be; focus on releasing an “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product). It can often save a project from being a failure. It gives you insight into the end-user, which is critical.

Form follows function

Your digital project is about moving your business forward, do not lose sight of this. Being an effective marketing piece is crucial, but there needs to be a business voice helping to lead the project at all times. The projects that succeed are those where operations and marketing seamlessly meet in the middle. For this reason, our team is a mix of business people, creatives and developers. We will challenge each other to ensure you get the results you need.