We are here to

serve you!

Coffee + biscuits included

Why we exist

Marketing has been hi-jacked by incomprehensible terms, subtext and lingo that requires six different dictionaries. We think if you need help, it should be simple, and it should be highly effective. So we started Early Bird because we want you to have the first bite at wowing that new customer. We are not an agency. We’re a partner you can rely on, a helping hand, we are business people like you, who realise that this matters to you.

We are a team of humans, that love helping other humans. Who just happen to have decades of experience in Marketing between them..

How we help

We realise how interconnected your business is and that marketing is by no means ever a standalone operation. We know that because we have been you. Heck, we are you. We’ve worked the big corporate jobs, we have started that new business from the ground up, we have faced the long nights of doing invoices at the kitchen table.

We are here to help you with your Marketing and Technology needs. We work with you to identify your needs and formulate a plan to achieve your goals. We believe in putting our reputation on the line, so we also offer in-house implementation services for your needs. Once we are involved, we are there with you every step of the way.

Our approach is always people first

What we do

At our centre, we are storytellers. Our team at Early Bird Thinking are focused on telling your story, taking the time to understand who you are and what makes you different. We us technology, innovation, creativity and hard facts to create lasting solutions. Our goal is to improve your business strategy and financial results.

We realise the interconnectivity of business and know that what might look like a marketing challenge; could be a process or people issue. The good news is, we are skilled to help in these areas. Above all, we help companies realise their marketing needs, be it traditional, digital or just plain wacky. We do it all, while ensuring your teams are aligned and on board with the mission.


our mission

To make marketing and technology understandable and accessible to all in business, to help drive their goals forward.


We are transparent

No smoke and mirrors here; you should know where your project is at, at any given time. We want you to be comfortable knowing that we will achieve the goals we have set out to achieve.

We take responsibility

We own it, we don’t pass blame, and our focus is always solution-based. We aim to never get it wrong, but if something does go astray, we want you to pass us the ball.

We innovate

We are here to make a difference; we challenge the norm, we don’t take the status quo as being set in stone. We want to help you dream of better and then plot the path to get there together.

Innovation is key to everything we do.